Anton Piller Order – A Right to Enter a Premise and Seize Evidence?

Briefly, an injunction is an order from the court that either prohibits a party from doing something or compels a party to do something. In our previous article, we discussed one form of injunction known as the Fortuna Injunction. In this article, we will be looking at another form of injunction known as an Anton Piller Order.

Mind Your Legalese: Judgment in Default of Appearance

In our previous article in the Mind Your Legalese series, we discussed the different modes of initiating a suit, i.e. the Writ of Summons and the Originating Summons. Specifically for a legal suit commenced by a Writ of Summons, the defendant receiving a Writ of Summons must enter an appearance within the stipulated time, failing of which a judgment in default of appearance may be entered.

This article discusses what is meant by “appearance” and what is a “judgment in default of appearance”/

Mind Your Legalese: “I will sue you!” – Modes of Initiating a Suit

The legal world is filled with legal jargon that may be confusing and difficult for a lay person to understand. The “Mind Your Legalese” series was initiated to demystify legal jargon and help explain legal concepts.

So let’s start at the point of the beginning of a legal suit. How does one initiate a suit against another? In Malaysia, there are 2 main modes of initiating a suit – by way of a writ of summons and by way of an originating summons.